When it comes to jiu-jitsu, the way that you practice is called grappling. Grappling will require you to be strong for five minutes or longer until the fight is over. Even though Brazilian jiu jutsu does not involve weights All BJJ Athletes Need To Strength Training, you can benefit from strength training at the gym. An MMA fighter can become even better at grappling through strength training. In this article, we will explore how conditioning can improve your ability to grapple.

BJJ Athletes Strength Training – Your Strength Matters

How much weight you can lift will still make you a better grappler. You will be stronger and keep your muscles from wasting. This is probably the number one reason to hit the gym. If you are worried about getting bulky, then you shouldn’t. A bodybuilder will train consistently in a different way than an athlete will use one’s muscles. An athlete will be grappling a lot of the time in training, which is sustained action. The athlete might hit the gym once or twice a week to prevent the muscles from atrophying. When it comes to bodybuilders, their typical action is a couple of seconds of sustained activity. This will help them to bulk up quickly by lifting at maximum capacity during these seconds. 

When Your Opponent is in the Same Weight Class

     When your opponent is in the same weight class, you will be at an advantage if you are stronger. This, of course, is biding the fact that you both matched in skills. Being stronger might even help you win. It can certainly aid you in avoiding injury. When your muscles are stronger, you have more cushioning for a fall. This is certainly one advantage that is worthwhile. Additionally, that extra muscle that you have will help you age better. Sarcopenia is the medical term for any loss of muscle. You will be able to stay in the sport longer if this is your desire. You will have to weigh in for tournaments, so being the strongest you can for your weight class gives you advantages.

BJJ Athletes Strength Training

What Will Weight Training Do for You?

    When you are training, your goal should be to obtain muscle mass. This is what will really help you gain all of the benefits listed below. You can work with a trainer. Your goal should be to use higher weights as you work your way up in strength. This muscle mass will not make you slow, as is the common misconception. Athletes with more muscles are actually more agile. Also, when you lift weights, you get type two muscle fibers. These will help you with the short, intense movements that come with grappling.


    BJJ Strength training will not make you more proficient at your technique. Your technique can only be mastered by getting on that mat and practicing. However, when you grapple, you can certainly apply your strength. So you will need to do both- practice your sport as well as work out in the weight room. You will find that this way, you can maximize your performance as an athlete.