The effectiveness of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training ultimately depends on the fight’s circumstances. In some instances, it is practical while in others it is not. None the less the skill set this art provides is not to be undermined. It equips you with self-defense techniques that come in handy when in compromising situations.

BJJ chokes

Jiu- Jitsu is essentially a ground fight. If you can get your opponent to the ground, you have the upper hand and it works even with heavier attackers. The choke hold particularly is a great maneuver when applied correctly. In a matter of time you can put your challenger to sleep giving you ample time to follow up with a police call or scream for help.

The advantage with a choke is that you can get it in from any angle really; from the side, the back, from a guard posture, an inverted posture or even stand up positions. It gives you superior control while in combat and with the right timing you could slide in auxiliary holds such as the arm breaker, depending on your opponent’s aggressiveness.

In comparison with strikes, chokes are less likely to attract a law suit.  Executed with precise skill, they rarely leave visible neck marks. On the other hand, a strike will work against you in a court of law because of the obvious evidence. A jail sentence for reason of “extreme self-defense measures” is the last thing you want to end up with.

Are BJJ chokes effective in a street fight

Although chokes come with multiple advantages it has its fair measure of setbacks. It takes time to lock in a good choke; time that you may not necessarily have in a life or death situation. Additionally, any forceful pressure will land you a dead body. Considering the anxiety and panic that comes with street fights, mistakes are very probable.

BJJ Chokes are designed to lay your back to the ground which in turn exposes you to all sorts of danger, knives jabs especially. This translates to significant blood loss or even death.  Chokes are also not a good idea when faced with multiple attackers. Tackling one individual only leaves you vulnerable to the rest of the gang. Unless you have a death wish, the best option would be to break free and run.

BJJ chokes is definitely one way to go about it when it comes to self-defense; paired with other techniques they have proven useful.  However, for more versatility, complementary martial art lessons are a great way to better equip you for street fights.