After searching high and low we have collected a short list of the 100+ most searched competitors weights and hight in the BJJ & grappling community.

We have listed the weights in kg. But you can easily change that to pounds here.

We hope this answers your sought after hight and weight questions for the following grapplers.

We have included multiple weights as some individuals compete at different weight classes.

We’ve included John Danaher too, who doesn’t compete but still good to know.

There are two weight classes for some competitors due to that they compete at both weight classes.

Craig jones6 ft 0 in82
Gordon Ryan6 ft 2 in100
Nicky Ryan5 ft 8 in64
Rodolfo Vieira Srour6 ft 0 in94100
Bernardo Faria6 ft 2 in94
Eddie bravo5 ft 7.5 in82
Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida6 ft 3 in100above 100
Carlos Gracie5 ft 11 in76
John Danaher6 ft 2 in100106
Marcelo Garcia5 ft 8 in76
Andre Galvao5 ft11 in88
Lachlan Giles5 ft 5 in7682
Tom Deblass5 ft 11 in100above 100
Bruno Malfacine5 ft 4 in57
Xande Ribeiro6 ft 0 in94100
Mikey musumeci5 ft 6 in64
Fabio Gurgel6 ft 0 in94
Neil Melanson6 ft 0 in8894
Travis stevens5 ft 11 in82
Lucas Lepri5 ft 9 in76
Chael Sonnen6 ft 1 in94
Henry Cejudo5 ft 4 in64
Leandro Lo5 ft 10 in8288
JT Torres5 ft 9 in76
Garry Tonon5 ft 8 in76
Rafael Lovato6 ft 3 in82
Romulo Barral6 ft 0 in8894
Kazushi Sakuraba6 ft 0 in82
Jake Shannon5 ft 10 in82
Kennedy Maciel5 ft 4 in70
Nicky Ryan5 ft 8 in64
Ruan Alvarenga5 ft 11 in82
Thomas Halpin5 ft 11 in70
Kenta Iwamoto5 ft 6 in64
Geo Martinez5 ft 9 in64
Richard Alarcon5 ft 7 in64
AJ Agazarm5 ft 8 in64
Augusto Mendes5 ft 6 in64
Jamil Hill-Taylor5 ft 7 in70
Matheus Gabriel5 ft 8 in70
Paulo Miyao5 ft 7 in6470
Gianni Grippo5 ft 9 in70
Pablo Mantovani5 ft 6 in70
Tye Ruotolo5 ft 6 in64
Michael Musumeci5 ft 6 in64
Keith Krikorian5 ft 6 in64
Bruno Frazatto5 ft 7 in70
JT Torres5 ft 9 in76
Ross Nicholls5 ft 10 in76
Jonathan Satava5 ft 9 in7682
John Combs5 ft 11 in82
Sérvio Túlio6 ft 0 in82
Mateusz Gamrot5 ft 10 in70
Vagner Rocha5 ft 11 in7682
Oliver Taza5 ft 11 in76
Edwin Najmi5 ft 10 in76
Renato Canuto5 ft 7 in76
Lucas Lepri5 ft 9 in76
Celso Vinicius5 ft 5 in76
DJ Jackson5 ft 8 in7682
Dante Leon5 ft 9 in7682
Adam Wardzinski6 ft 3 in94
Alec Baulding5 ft 4 in8288
Josh Hinger5 ft 9 in7682
Gabriel Almeida5 ft 10 in8894
Ben Dyson6 ft 0 in88
Keller Locke-Sodhi6 ft 1 in8288
Rustam Chsiev5 ft 9 in82
Mike Perez5 ft 9 in94
Valdir Araújo5 ft 10 in8288
Kit Dale5 ft 8 in82
Murilo Santana5 ft 11 in76
Gabriel Arges5 ft 11 in82
Pedro Marinho5 ft 8 in76
Gilbert Burns5 ft 10 in76
Matheus Diniz6 ft 0 in88
Mason Fowler5 ft 11 in76
Jon Blank5 ft 11 in8288
Perttu Tepponen6 ft 3 in100
Tim Spriggs6 ft 0 in8894
James Puopolo6 ft 3 in94100
Keenan Cornelius6 ft 2 in88
Paulo José5 ft 11 in94
Mraz Avdoyan5 ft 10 in94
Ben Hodgkinson6 ft 4 in8294
Vinny Magalhães6 ft 2.5 in94100
Patrick Gaudio5 ft 11 in88
Aaron Johnson6 ft 1 inabove 100
Jackson Sousa6 ft 3 in94
Paul Ardila6 ft 2 in100
Dan Martinez6 ft 2 in88
Dillon Danis6 ft 0 in82
Fellipe Andrew6 ft 0 in94
Vinicius Ferreira5 ft 10 in94100
Claudio Calasans5 ft 9 in7682
Marcus Almeida6 ft 3 in100above 100
Eldar Rafigaev6 ft 2 in94100
Nick Rodriguez6 ft 2 in94100
Antonio Braga Neto6 ft 3 in100
Mateusz Juskowiak6 ft 2 in100above 100
John Hansen6 ft 2 in100
Denis Roberts5 ft 10 in76
Elliot Marshall6 ft 3 in94100
Luiz Panza6 ft 2 in98
Yuri Simões6 ft 0 in8894
Orlando Sanchez5 ft 9 in100
Roberto Abreu5 ft 11 in100above 100
Jared Dopp6 ft 1 in94100
Joao Gabriel Rocha6 ft 2 in100above 100
Hudson Taylor6 ft 0 in7682
Kaynan Duarte6 ft 1 in94
Max Gimenis6 ft 2 in100
Antonio Carlos jr6 ft 1 in8894
Victor Hugo6 ft 1 inabove 100
Mahamed aly6 ft 2 inabove 100
Kennedy Maciel5 ft 7 in64
Ruan Alvarenga5 ft 8 in64
Vinicius Ferreira5 ft 10 in100
Michael Musumeci Jr5 ft 6 in64
Rodnei Barbosa Gabriel Jr5 ft 6 in64
Bruno da Silva Malfacine5 ft 4 in57
Cleber de Sousa Fernandes5 ft 6 in64
João Ricardo Bordignon Miyao5 ft 8 in64
Paulo H. Bordignon Miyao5 ft 7 in6470
Hiago George Santos Silva5 ft 6 in64
José Tiago da Silva Barros5 ft 7 in64
Matheus Gabriel Pinheiro Barros5 ft 8 in70
Marcio Andre da Costa Barbosa Jr5 ft 7 in76
Isaac Doederlein5 ft 9 in6470
Osvaldo Augusto Honorio Moizinho5 ft 8 in70
Lucas Alves Lepri5 ft 9 in76
Lucas Sette C. Valente Tobias5 ft 8 in76
Renato Forasieppi Alves Canuto5 ft 7 in76
Rodrigo Lamounier de Freitas5 ft 7 in76
Gabriel Arges de Sousa5 ft 11 in7682
Isaque Bahiense Braz5 ft 8 in82
Jaime Soares Canuto5 ft 10 in82
Marcos Vinícius da Silva Tinoco5 ft 10 in82
Felipe Carsalade Araujo Pena6 ft 0 in88
Gustavo Espindola Batista5 ft 10 in8288
Matheus Oliveira Diniz6 ft 0 in88
Renato Guimaraes Cardoso5 ft 11 in8894
Kaynan Casemiro Duarte6 ft 1 in94
Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento5 ft 10 in8288
Dimitrius Soares Souza6 ft 1 in94
Nicholas de Barcellos Meregali6 ft 1 in94
Mahamed Aly Santos da Silva6 ft 2 inabove 100
Guilherme Augusto Soares Santos6 ft 1 in94
Luiz Fernando de Azevedo Panza6 ft 2 in100
Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida6 ft 3 in100above 100
Ricardo Ferreira Evangelista6 ft 3 inabove 100
Felipe Augusto Farias Bezerra6 ft 2 inabove 100
Max dos Santos Gimenis6 ft 2 in100
Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida6 ft 3 in100above 100
Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento5 ft 10 in8288
Fellipe Andrew Leandro Silva6 ft 0 in94

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100 Most Searched for BJJ Competitors Height and Weights
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100 Most Searched for BJJ Competitors Height and Weights
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