Nothing can really prepare you for your first day of Brazilian jiu jutsu. You may have the jiu-jitsu jitters, and that’s just perfectly all right. It happens to people whenever they walk into a new environment. However, with martial arts, there are some things you can expect on your first day. There are also certain ways you can prepare yourself, such as having the right attire. The following article will give you some tips for your first day of BJJ:

First BJJ Class Getting the Right Gear

    Having the right wardrobe is essential. Always make sure you are wearing clean sports pants and a shirt. You probably do not have to have a gi on your first day. However, you will eventually want to invest in one. Make sure that you also purchase a rash guard. You should have fight shorts or spats if it is a gi class. Your instructor might have a spare gi if it’s your first gi class. You can just go in your regular jiu jutsu gear until you’re sure you’re going to stick out the gi classes.

    A gi should cost you around $80 new if you get a great deal. This is still a worthy investment if you are going to be sparing a lot. Your monthly gym membership will probably cost you double this, so it’s probably not going to be your biggest expense.

How to Prepare for Your First BJJ Class

Get the Right Attitude

    If you are a white belt, which you will be, then check your ego at the door. If you expect to fight until you win, you could be in for some not great experiences. You should just concede instead of trying to get out of a hold where you will be choked unconscious. There’ll be a lot of times ahead where you just have to admit someone beat you. This will also prevent you from getting injured. 

    Remember that BJJ is a skill laden sport. You will not go in knowing everything. You will have a high learning curve. Ultimately, you should remember to acknowledge defeat and learn from it. Focus on perfecting your techniques and not just winning every fight.

Have Impeccable Hygiene

    BJJ is a contact sport. You want to keep your nails nicely trimmed on your toes and hands specially on your First BJJ Class. Your opponent will not be impressed if you end up slicing the person. Ultimately, you should always have impeccable hygiene. You should wash all your equipment before each practice. You do a lot of sweating in your gear. You don’t want to end up getting rash from your rash guard. 

Learn How to Spar Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn How to Spar

    You will want to focus on rolling properly. A person who has a lot of skill as an opponent means you can apply a lot of pressure. However, if you are out sizing someone, make sure that you adjust your hits accordingly. If you are equally matched in skill and size, then you can give it a fair fight. Learning to start in this sport means being considerate of the opponents you are matched with.