If you need to know what Gi size you should buy we’ve got you covered with our online size calculator below.

To help our customers to decide on which Ju Jitsu Gi uniform size to choose, we have created our friendly online calculator to check what’s Gi fits for you. There’s a lot of uncertainty when starting BJJ. Buying your first Gi is the first step towards your BJJ journey.

Pounds to KG calculator here if needed.

Usually the next question you’ll be asking is what colour belt do you need. If you don’t know, you’re a white belt. Most Gi’s will come with a free white-belt.

The sizes suggested are based on the Tatami Gi sizes. They are all a little different from brand to brand but they do keep to these general specs.

Calculator is based on this size chart here

Now you know your size you can get your Gi here.

What Size Gi Am I?

The answer: It depends on the specific Gi. There’s differences in sizing between brands, and sometimes even within the same brand. Some companies give tall, short, or slim-fit sizing options. Some will shrink, while others are pre-shrunk. Your best option is to refer to the size chart for the Gi you’re buying.

With that out of the way, here’s a bit more info:

Different jiu jitsu gi brands use different sizing

To put it simply, you can’t use your current bjj gi size when you’re buying another gi. Unless you’re buying the same make and model again. Different brands use different sizes. So when it comes to purchasing a gi, you need to use the chart that they provide. Period.

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Having the correct sized uniform for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is important for comfort and mobility in training and competition. Our online calculator will show you what size Gi you need.