Many people involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) consider it to be something more than just a sport. It turns into a passion that borders obsession. It is addictive, and ever-evolving in nature and that’s why many people are bound to be interested in it for many years. BJJ can change lives both literally and figuratively. However, it is not cheap to train in.

For an academy to run, it requires students. The students must pay for the classes to continue learning the sport. Rashguard and Gis are also not cheap. Competitions can also consume a substantial part of an average salary, especially when you include the cost of travel. Although a majority of people who practice Jiu-Jitsu have a job, they have a desire to earn money from the sport.

The harsh reality is that even the owners of Jiu Jitsu academies might not earn enough to make a living. Most MMA academy owners have other jobs too to make ends meet. People from all walks of life are involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and they would give up their jobs instantly if they knew how to earn a substantial amount through this Gentle Art.

How to make Money in BJJ

Thankfully, there are specific options within the word of grappling martial arts that can offer adequate income. Not all will require you to wear a Gi throughout the day. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s popularity is growing fast, opening up many opportunities. If you keep an open mind and take advantage of what comes your way, you can make this martial art a profitable profession. Some of the ways on How to make Money in BJJ include:

How to make Money in BJJ

Online grappling jobs

With the growing popularity of mixed martial arts around the world, many websites contain information about them. There is an excellent opportunity for those who have a knack for writing about the sports. The demand for information is high on the internet, and it is an excellent platform to provide it. All you need is some experience about grappling and the desire to write.

Blogging is an excellent way of sharing your thoughts on a particular subject with people all over the world. You can start by sharing information about your daily training and competition experiences. As a creative blogger, you can get picked up by a major website that appreciates excellent writing such as

The exceptional thing about writing about the marital art you love is that you can reach many people. When people find the content they enjoy reading, they go back to the source searching for fresh information. Your personal experiences mean a lot to other individuals who engage in the sport, particularly those who are getting started. Besides, you can start a personal blog and build an audience gradually.

When you reach many people, you will have the opportunity to strike deals with apparel manufacturers or supplement companies among other firms. You can also host some ads on your blog that could in turn increase revenue for you. It is possible to make a decent amount of money from your blog, as long as you are consistent. Bear in mind that people are looking for BJJ information and if you fail to provide new content, they will move to a different source quickly.

Become an expert grappler

Most grapplers compete several times in their life, while others are content with testing their skills occasionally. Others embrace the lifestyle of a competitor. If you thrive in BJJ competitions, you can consider pursuing a career as a professional grappler. Being able to earn money as you participate in sport is appealing.

To get started, take part in every cash price competition in your area. Gaining experience and building an excellent reputation are more vital than looking for substantial prices only. The small stage momentum can help you get to the tournaments that pay more. After that, you can look to earn substantial income from BJJ by making it to the tournaments that pay the highest cash prizes.

For instance, the Abu Dhabi Pro offers a handsome cash prize to all Gi-only grapplers. However, unless you are a black belt holder, you cannot compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can still get substantial amounts even if you are a lower belt. In the Abu Dhabi Combat Championship, winners can earn $200,000. If you win your weight class, you get $10,000, while an absolute victory can fetch you another $10,000. This only happens at the main Abu Dhabi Combat Championship event that is held once every few years.

Eddie Bravo’s EBI submission only tournament is likely the best bet to make money from BJJ. It takes place several times a year and competing grapplers get a chance to win anything from $25,000 to $50,000. To win the amount, a grappler needs to submit everyone on the way through, but this is not easy.

Create grappling-specific digital art

Most jiu-jitsu websites always look to provide new and original content and stand out from the many other resources with information about grappling. Nothing else captures the spirit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than well-composed images of athletes in battle

Photography is among the arts that can earn you a substantial income in a wide range of sports. However, none offers the uniqueness that grappling does. High quality jiu-jitsu photographs are few. Therefore, people seek after them. Grapplers get into unbelievable positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Capturing such moments is a sure way to make money from BJJ.

As a BJJ photographer, you could cover many things, including classes, seminars, and competitions. You do not need to do much to place your photos on BJJ-related websites or photography sites. In addition, you can approach both as a freelancer where you take photos and get paid.

Making videos is another aspect of digital art. Podcasts, YouTube and other platforms have made digital publishing easier. With modern technology, you only need basic technical skills to record decent video or audio. Publishing the content is even easier. With the various social media platforms, promoting yourself is easy. You may even take this further and ask a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu website to promote your photos. As long as you publish fresh, engaging, and relevant content, your audience base will grow with time. You can create any product you want. Some of the products that are popular among grapplers include lifestyle videos, technical videos, recipes and conditioning tips. You only have to provide the camera.

Teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Teaching is a great way to earn money from BJJ. Most people love teaching BJJ since they get to spend more time on the mats, while learning and polishing everything they teach.

To establish an academy, you should be patient and take things from one step to the next. Begin by analyzing the number of students you can get at a particular location. If there is a potential to make a profit from teaching BJJ in the location, consider renting or buying a space. You can also associate yourself with a strength and conditioning gym. This is an excellent way to expose yourself to the customer base and get space. Since it is a win-win situation, most gym owners would want such a relationship. Also, create a business plan and approach several investors, preferably those who participate in MMA. Like BJJ, entrepreneurship is daunting and unpredictable. Therefore, you must be willing to evolve and adjust.

Note that you do not have to be a black belt holder to be a successful BJJ trainer and academy owner. You can make money from jiu-jitsu even if you are a blue, purple, or brown belt instructor.

After establishing yourself as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trainer, you can expand your business and teach in seminars. Teaching in seminars is an enjoyable and practical way to make How to make Money in BJJ. When you get such opportunities, consider travel costs and ensure you agree on a fee before attending the seminar. You can raise your price with time, as you gain more experience and become more sought after. Try to help the community and work closely with apparel manufacturers, Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu photographers, and websites. This way, the community will grow stronger, and everyone involved will get more financial opportunities.