In this video we’ll take a stroll down memory lane and talk about how the lapel game has evolved to transcend the guard. How and why passing and wrestling got added to the system. It’s like a documentary, but actually interesting. The Lapel Encyclopedia, the codification of all of Keenan’s Lapel knowledge is somewhat of a premium instructional.

You can grab The Lapel Encyclopedia for $141.99 and study the lapel systems while you plot your return to the mats and cry yourself to sleep, damn I miss training so much.

What you will get is:

3 Chapters explaining the concepts, setups and escapes if things go wrong.

8 Chapters covering the lapel guards (worm, ringworm, squid, reverse de la worm, gubber, single leg x worm, belt guard…).

1 Chapter covering the lapel passing system that Keenan used to defeat Meregali at worlds.

A new added another chapter on Worm wrestling, a series of 21 videos explaining how to turn sweeps or passivity into takedowns.

You will also get all future updates, a free app with downloadable videos, ebooks, custom playlists…

Get it here