Brazilian jiu jitsu, shortened to BJJ, is a combat sport that focuses on submitting your opponent through a series of submission holds. Chokeholds and joint locks characterize this martial art sport. So let’s take a look at what are the the pros and cons for BJJ.

It traces its origins to the 1920s in Rio De Janeiro, after two brothers picked up judo lessons from a traveling Japanese judo pro. Presently, BJJ is one of the most recognized self-defense arts that impart the lesson that size is not a determinant when it comes to defense.

Learning jiu jitsu has a lot of perks, they include;

Pros Of BJJ

  • It furnishes you with excellent fighting skills that give you a versatile approach when handling a confrontation. A common misconception in fights is that once you are on the ground, you have no advantage. However, when it comes to BJJ, the ground gives you the proper leverage to bring your best.
  • It is an ideal way of restraining an opponent. It is a useful skill for professionals in law enforcement and the security provision sector. Police officers and bouncers can use jiu jitsu skills to restrain attackers without harming them.
  • Jiu jitsu is also an excellent sporting activity that helps you keep fit and provides a chance at international grappling events. It is a fundamental skill in some martial arts sports such as MMA.
  • Jiu jitsu focuses on the intellectual capability of both opponents. It is strategic like chess, and that is why smaller fighters have a chance at larger opponents.

Cons Of BJJ

Despite having several advantages, Brazilian jiu jitsu also has some shortcomings, as we can see below.

  • Minimal insistence on the protection of vital body parts during combat, such as the groins and face.
  • It is suitable for a one on one fight and cannot come in handy in situations where you are dealing with a multitude of attackers.
  • It may take some time to learn this skill.
pros and cons for BJJ

Final Thought

Brazilian jiu jitsu is going mainstream with several fans of the sport, noting its presence in amateur wrestling and other combat sports. It has a lot of advantages to benefit from, though do not overlook its cons to be on the safe side.