We all feel beat up after doing jiujitsu, we’re all looking to feel better and stronger. So, in this article we’re going to share with you the top supplements for BBJ you should be taking to improve your overall performance and health while training.

Why Should I Be Taking Supplements for BJJ?

A Jiu-Jitsu practitioner is far more likely to suffer from deficiencies than your average person. This is because we put our bodies through stress and strain. Everyone is aware of the physical and emotional benefits of training. But what a lot of people forget is to look at the physical costs of these training programs. BJJ is incredibly hard on the body. Large amounts of minerals and vitamins are lost through perspiration as our bodies become tried.

Which Supplements Should I Take?

With so many different supplements on the market, it’s hard to make an educated choice. So, below is a list of the ten we find most effective. Most of the supplements in this list have been proven to be effective. Obviously being completely objective is impossible; but we can say that all of the supplements below work for our team.

We have also included some basic affordable options but we would suggest you go for the premium options as have found those to be the most effective in our tests and research polls.

Anyone that trains hard should take creatine. Not only is it good for building muscle; it also protects your heart. Although you will find negative reviews, creatine is safe and effective and in my opinion one of the best Jiu-jitsu supplements out there. Creatine works by allowing your muscles to contract harder. So, it’s not hard to work out why this is beneficial in BJJ. Just a small increase could mean the difference between cranking out those last reps, or, finishing your opponent with a choke. Creatine is available in several different types; these include ethyl esther and monohydrate. We suggest monohydrate, and to take it in capsules (as opposed to powder form)

Recommended Basic Creatine Powder Here
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Premium creatine here < Genius Brand has some great products.

Omega 3’s – Krill Oil
There has been a lot of research surrounding Omega 3’s that has found the supplement to be great for increased brain, circulatory, and heart health. These three systems are extremely important if you hope to perform to an optimal level on the mat. Omega 3’s work as an anti-inflammatory; another benefit for Jiu-Jitsu fanatics. Krill oil can keep your skin and joints in shape too. Bear in mind here though that you should only use a high grade Omega 3 supplement; low grade alternative contain PCB’s and can be rancid. For best results, choose one that is rich in triglycerides.

Recommended Krill Oil Here

Magnesium is amazing and is responsible for more than three hundred enzyme reactions in your body. It has a wide range of benefits; but let’s concentrate on how it benefits those who practice Jiu-Jitsu. Magnesium helps with muscle relaxation and therefore improves sleep quality. I definitely benefit from better sleep when I take the supplement. It allows me to unwind fully, even after the most intense training and sparring. The only downside here is that magnesium can be difficult to absorb for some people when taken as an oral supplement. For this reason your should take a type that is dissolvable.

Suggested Dissolvable Magnesium Here

Vitamin D3
If you get sick it’s inevitable that you won’t be able to train. You’re constantly being exposed to germs; from both your dirtbag partners and from the mats themselves. So, having a strong immune system is vital. Low blood levels of vital vitamin D are associated with all types of health problems. Most people are indeed deficient in vitamin D, especially those who don’t expose themselves to enough natural sunlight. Fortunately there is a solution at hand; taking 5-10 thousand IUs of Vitamin D on a daily basis.

Suggested Vid D Supplement

Hydrolyzed Collagen
This supplement is quite unique. Its amino acid structure contains elevated levels of lysine, proline, and glycine. All these are found in smaller amounts on other types of protein supplements. The amino acids in this supplement generate cell growth due to their natural ability to make connective tissue that naturally diminishes once you reach 25.
The best way to digest collagen is in its hydrolyzed form. In this form, due to its reduced molecular weight, it can be absorbed within 30 minutes. Since I started this supplement I have noticed improvements in both my skin and my joints.

Green Foods
This is a term that is used to describe products that have been made by extracting vegetables, fruit, and algae. These green foods nourish and energize the cells in the body; they alkalize and ensure that the body’s pH level is well-balanced. Green foods also help in the elimination process of toxins and heavy metals. Within green foods you will find a whole host of phytonutrients; these contain plant-based vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They work as a detox for your body and can range in price from quite economical to “baller” expensive. 

Green foods really do contain so much goodness, and trying to eat as much fruit and veg as possible every day will still not bring you the same results.

foods bjj

B Vitamins
B vitamins are great for your overall health. They help to metabolize fats, carbs, and protein into energy; they also help your cells grow properly. When I take a good quality B-Vitamin supplement, I find that my energy levels increase. This is really important on training days. As they are soluble, like Vitamin C, it’s important to take them every day.

Digestible Enzymes
A common expression you will hear is that health starts and finishes in the gut. If your body doesn’t process food in the correct manner, you can become quite quickly malnourished. When you take digestive enzyme supplements, you will break down and process your food better. In turn, your body will be able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. Since I added them to my daily supplement, my digestion has improved and I have also noticed that I have lost fat.

Green Tea Extract
If you want to become more agile on the mat and burn some fat, green tea is a must for you. It’s an excellent fat burner. It also contains plenty of antioxidants that will offset the stress a strenuous BJJ workout will put you through. What this means is that your body will recover more quickly from intensive training sessions. You will also experience less radical damage as you train. For the best results, try to avoid ephedra-based thermogenic green tea, opting for a type that is decaffeinated instead.

Suggested green tea extract here.

If you find that your memory is letting you down, you should try Nootropic supplements. These are also commonly known as memory enhancing supplements or “smart drugs”. They work by altering the supply and availability of enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters in the brain. They simulate nerve growth and improve oxygen supply to the brain, improving thought process and memory.

We suggest you start off with something basic with nootropics.

L-Theanine Is a good start. It will reduce caffeine jitters too.
Creatine is also technically a nootropic. Genius brand is an excellent choice.