Spats are types of sports wear called compression pants. They are commonly worn by fighters, grapplers, and Jiu Jitsu professionals. These can be worn by themselves or under the fighter’s shorts. They serve functional purposes in addition to looking cool.

Spats are made out of a spandex materials that are soft, unlike other compression pants that are not as scratchy, thus increases the comfort.

Spats help keep muscles warm while training, they wick sweat away from the body to help prevent friction, and they also help prevent bacterial infections. Spats also reduce the amount of soreness in the muscles and promotes muscle healing.

Most of the time gym mats used in Jiu Jitsu, are not as clean as one might want to believe. They got sweat on and bled on by more than one person; and even if they get washed by industrial cleaners, there will still be some dirt left behind. These bodily fluids can contain microscopic bacteria that you can pick up simply by falling on the mat during training. This can end up making you sick. Spats are made to help prevent this. They are made to keep these bacteria from passing through microscopic hole in the fabric and making their way into the body.

Spats Benefits in Jiu Jutsu

Spats also prevent mat burn and scratches on the skin. Many people find spats are actually more comfortable than some traditional sports wea

In addition to the physical benefits of spats, there are also other benefits. One of these is increase in muscle oxygenation. During a workout you are pushing your muscles to the edge and if you are having a strong workout your breathing is strained. This means that your muscles are getting less oxygen. Spats are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that the muscles receive during a workout. They promote blood flow which improves oxygenation.

Spats also reduce the muscle soreness as you strain or pull your muscles during workouts. The science behind how spats work is quite complex, so to simplify it, spats are made to compress the muscles and increase oxygenation and blood flow. The increase of blood and oxygen will actually strengthen the muscles and reduce soreness.

For men, spats provide an increased groin support when compared to other sports pants or other compression pants. Anyone who has ever pulled a groin muscle during workouts know just how much it hurts, and the pain doesn’t go away very fast. With the extra support provided by spats, it is less likely that you will pull the muscles in the groin area. This is not to say that it’s not possible, but it’s less likely to happen. In addition to being good for the muscles, many people say that they are also quite comfortable. Spats do apply light pressure to the thigh and butt. Spat compression pants allow less wind resistance, won’t ride up, and cause less chaffing than other types of sportwear and compression pants