When it comes to jiu jitsu or Brazilian jiu jutsu, you may wonder if wrist locks are allowed. This is a common question when it comes to martial arts enthusiasts. In the following article, we will explore whether wrist locks are allowed in BJJ.

During a Tournament

    A Brazilian brown belt answers this question by saying that the short answer is yes, but that it also depends. The rules in tournaments will depend upon who is managing it. It’s always prudent to look at the rules or to ask the referee first. Since this is a contentious subject, people should get clearance beforehand unless competitors are willing to learn the hard way.

When at the Academy 

    When a person is just rolling at the academy, the practitioner must ask the professor first. It’s always best to ask first. It is more common to allow wrist locks when it is a blue belt and up. However, even in the case of a seasoned practitioner of jiu jitsu, usually, wrist locks are not allowed at all. 

Why are Wrist Locks Such a Contentious Subject?

     Wrist locks are not an innocuous move. People can end up doing damage to the opponent’s wrist in a wrist lock. Once you immobilize the elbow, you can end up damaging a person’s wrist quickly. The individual is not able to maneuver out of it like an arm lock.

When to Have a Conversation about Wrist Locks

     It’s not really great to get in a fight and use this without talking about it. You should have a talk with your opponent beforehand. If you are in a tournament, you need to consult the rules first. When you are at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy, always defer to the knowledge of the professor.

Are Wrist Locks Allowed in BJJ
Wrist lock Rules in BJJ

A Compromise to the Wrist Lock

    Instead of actually applying the wrist lock in combat, you can just show it. The partner you are sparring with will then be able to acknowledge that the move has been made. You should really never have to apply the wrist lock. You can always stop the fight and talk about the fact that you did show the wrist lock. That should be enough in a play type of situation for the opponent to concede.

Are There Worse Moves Out There in BJJ?

    There are definitely more dangerous moves than a wrist lock. The heel hook is much more damaging. However, the wrist lock is still something that even experts want to raise caution about. It’s not a move for beginners to try as they can hurt their opponents.

Wrist Lock in BJJ

Is There an Ultimate Rule Book for BJJ?

    There is an ultimate rule book for BJJ. It can be found at https://ibjjf.com/rules/. Here you can download version 5 of it. Still, though, you have to refer to the authorizing parties. It’s not definitively allowed in fights without prior clearance. Also too, you can always set your own boundaries in a fight. It’s OK to talk about what you accept and don’t accept.